Day by day Windows becomes more trending for enhancing the beauty of a home and provide security. Just as the door plays an important role, as well as windows, are provide elegance look and play an important role. The window is available at an affordable price, various color designs, texture. 

When you looking for a new home window either you are thinking about the renovation of your home and installation new designer window style with their average cost of installation suitable for your home color, furniture. 

A window blind is a trending window than other windows. With the help of window blinds, sunlight and dust can stop rainwater from entering the house. A window blind is a type of covering the window. It’s open with different directions up and down, lift-right either verticle and horizontal. The material is used to manufacture like wood, plastic, steel with the help of a machine. For the making blind window firstly wood insert into a machine after wood will be cut into small parts with the help of a machine. After this we will take colors they will give the color they want. After the paint dries, both will pierce the wood leaves with the help of a machine. After piercing the wood, put the wood in the thread and make it window frame and insert all wood pieces into a frame. This is called a window blind. 

Types of Window blind:-

1)-Verticle Blind 

2)-Venetian Blind

3)-Mini Blind

4)-Micro Blind 

5)-Panel blind 

6)-Pleated blind

7)-Cellular blind

8)-Roman blind

9)-Roller shades 

10)-Tie-up Shades

11)-Solar Shades

12)-Outdoor shades

13)-Sky light Shades

14)-Smart blinds

Verticle blind Window:- The verticle blind window open into verticle form. Depending on the style verticle slides open from slide to slide, or by parting in the middle. It is hanging off stiffened fabric, plastic or metal. 

Venetian Blind:-  A Venetian blind is open from horizontal slates attached with string or string of clothes. It is made of plastic and wood. 

Venetian blind Window

Mini Blind:- A mini blind is similar to Venetian but the size of slates is smaller in width as compared to Venetian blinds. 

Mini blind Window

Micro Blind window:- Micro blind is a smaller version of the mini blind. It opens to horizontal. It is a great solution for better light control and privacy. 

Micro Blind Window

Panel blind window:- panel blind very large window. It is specially made for higher cities, hotels for showing outside view. Panel blind special section for move along a track, which allows you open and closed them. 

panel Blind window

Pleated blind window:- The pleated window is usually made from pleated fabric. It is open to up to down. The shades are similar look to the Venetian window. 

Celluar Blind Window:- Cellular blind is used to reduce filer light and save window energy. Celluar size is available in different sizes and colors. The cell’s shade helps your home stay cool in summer and hot in winter. 

Celluar blind Window

Roman Blind Windows:- Roman blind is a very common window. It is made of natural products like jute and seagrass. It is used to covering block out the sun. It takes an elegant look into your home. 

Roller shades:- Roller shades is one of a popular window that is open with pulling threads. It is open from verticle and available in a wide range and different colors. 

Roller shades window Blind

Tie-up Shades:- Tie-up shades are looked similar to roller shades. it”s open to up to down. Tie-up is available in a broad range of materials. It is usually used in all countries. It is made of fabric.

Tie-up Shades Window blind

Solar shades:- Solar shades are also known as sun-glasses of your window. It helps to reduce sunlight, glare and UV rays entering the home. 

Outdoor Shades:- The outdoor shades are usually used as the exterior of accommodation. The main purpose of fixing this door is to reduce sunlight and weather resistance. 

Outdoor window blind

The Window blind is such a beautiful window. It is popular in small cities and big cities. It is usually suitable for residential places, and commercial places.

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