Moulded Doors are known as designer doors it looks like a flush door. It is too reliable and durable. The moulded door is generally processed where after making the door added as the skin of moulded wood(normally MDF Medium Density Fiber) on top of the Door Structure. They can be hollow or solid: Sound-proofing. The moulded door is cheaper than Wooden Door. The moulded doors are suitable for residential places, commercial places, and household property. 

The moulded door is made the outside edge of the door. It doesn’t”t require to base coat. The alluring designs, appearing appearance, smooth finish, and resistance against termite. These designer doors are highly demanding in the market. They are arranged by using modern machinery. It is a complete interior for decoration, as far as a finish. The moulded door is available for variable design, Superior quality, colors like black, blue, green, magenta, etc. 

Moulded doors are available in all types of materials like Fiber Moulded Door, Steel Moulded Door, Aluminum Moulded door, Wooden Moulded Door. The best advantage of this door is Maintaintence-free, Moisturizer, moistness.  The door gives you soundproof quality. The door gives you a classic look and easy to installation, it does not require highly skilled people to fix it. Moulded is increase the beauty of Door. It is free from scratches, scrab, stain. It does not require to adornments.

Why do we consider Moulded door?

The Door is a welcoming part of our house. So it”s can be own priority enhancing door quality. Moulded doors are trending and demand because of easily fit on the budget. It can be eco-friendly, and easy to use and able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.

It provides more security and privacy to your home. The locking system is strong and environment-friendly. The door having green advantages as they consume less wood and conserve forests. It is watering-proof and termite and borer resistant. It should be kept flat on the surface. The Moulded door has high density, 3.0 minium densified wood fiber (DWF) plats. These can be polished and painted.

Moulded Door V/s Flush Door 

  1. Moulded Door is a great choice for interior and looking decorative door Whereas Flush door design is one that has a flat surface that does not contain any moldings. 
  2. Moulded Door is constructed from wood by-products that are pressed together to create door style Whereas Flush door is made by timber frame which is covered by plywood on both sides of the hollow portion of the door filled with cardboard. 
  3. The moulded door can buy with a solid core of hollow whereas Flush door has less joint with perfectly flush. 
  4. Moulded Door cost you much whereas Flush door is a very reasonable price. 
  5. Moulded doors are maintenance-free whereas flush Door needs to be long-term less-maintenance
  6. Molded doors are locking systems well but Flush door locking is a very excellent lock on both sides for easy installation. 

Price list Of Moulded Door

Product NamePrice
3 panel Oval Texture Moulded DoorRs 120/squre Feet
Laminated Moulded DoorRs 90/squre feet
Brown Hinged Moulded panel DoorRs 126/squre feet
Hardplast Matt Finish WPC Moulded DoorRS 384/squre feet
Molded DoorRS 110/squre feet

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