Doors and all wooden furniture are mostly made of timber but the recent trend has seen the oak getting popular as a constituent of the furniture. Oakwood carries many advantages and is one of the strongest woods that ensures long life and durability. These are denser and can easily be adapted to different colors of your choice. And the best part is still to come, these woods are resistant to fungi and other insects.

Oak wood doors
Oak Wood doors style

Having all these advantages, oak is now considered as the favorite wood for exterior doors. Oak doors have more open granule than other hardwood doors and this is the reason why they take so long to dry after the painting. The oak door gives the flexibility to choose any kind of varnish and lacquer.

Costing: Oak doors

As discussed above, the recent trends have seen a hike in the demand of Oak doors. Citizens of UK has aroused greater interest in these doors because of the elegant look it carries. No-doubt oak, due to the advantages are costly but still due to advance manufacturing it is affordable. The high end manufacturing has trimmed down the cost and well engineered doors are available on a competitive price 70% less as compare to solid oak doors. In terms of insulation also, Oak doors can be one of the better choice. For better insulation weather stripping can be added. Due to enhanced insulation these doors are mostly installed in play or utility areas.

Manufactures of doors are increasing the production of oak doors because of the increasing demand.

The buyers of oak doors are also provided flexibility in choosing the color so that the door set the right context of the house. These days the cheapest and popular oak includes American white oak and European white oak. The white color allows getting it in any color of your choice. Factory varnished oaks are the competitor of these doors.

Oak Doors Style and Flexibility

The Oak doors come in two different styles Solid paneled door and Glazed panel door.

Glass oak doors: In areas where there is the scarcity of light glass oak doors can be your best choice. It provides better light and is available in a variety of styles and designs. For all interior and decorative purposes, this door will prove helpful for you.

Rustic oak doors: Yet another popular choice for oak doors. It gives an elegant look to the house and rooms specifically. They may be braced with or without frames.

There are also paneled oak doors available in shapes like rectangle and square etc. Special designs like swinging the top half of door is also available to choose. Due to denser and solid facet these doors are also used are used for both security and durability.

Price: As discussed above the pricing of oak doors are quite competitive. In-spite of oak being expensive these doors are reasonably available because of low manufacturing cost. Better and advanced manufacturing technique has lowered the cost. These doors are engineered (Laminated Veneered Lumber) which saves on materials. This technique helps the cost of doors to come down by 50-70% less than solid Oak doors. Lower cost allows the manufacturers to target the middle class and more people of every budget.

Customization: You can customize your favorite oak doors. The combinations of features for Oak doors are endless.

Glass: Some homeowners want solid Oak doors, and others want Oak doors with glass to allow more light to enter the house. Glass Oak doors are offered in many sizes, styles, and choices.

Panels: Homeowners can also choose paneled oak doors. Rectangular and square panels are well in demand.

Special designs: Oak stable doors are specialized hardwood doors that give the home a unique look. These doors open by swinging the top half and are primarily used as back doors.

If you have planned to go for installing oak doors, it is important to consider all the available options before selecting an Oak wooden door for your home.

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