The door is the centre of our house and the welcoming part. It is an openable barrier at the entrance of the house doors have space that enables people vehicles and other goods entre and leave. It is held in position by the door frame. And te other reason adopting of the door is safety purpose. With the help of Doorway, we are saved from an undesirable circumstance like larceny, either save our jewellery or important documents etc. Doors are established into different parts of the house. Like sill door, bathroom door. The door is not only used as a welcoming part. It is used Almera door, furniture door etc.  The door design is available for all material.

Types Of Door

PVC Door:- Polyvinyl Chloride Door is highly superior quality material door. This type of door available wide range and many colours. It does”t require regular maintenance. 

PVC Door

Safety Door:- Safety Door is made of the strongest material like aluminium, hinged and other material. The safety door is commonly used in commercial and residential places. 

safety Door

Aluminium Door:- Aluminium Door is made of an aluminium door frame, hinged, locking panels etc. It is an open vertical way. It is one of the hardest doors that is used in hospital, Malls etc. 

Aluminium Door

Double Door:- Double door is that door is open with two verticle doors that are meet in the middle of the opening when the closed-compare dutch door. 

Craved Door:- Craved door is known as a designer door that is made of wood. It takes an elegant look into your home. Craved door mostly used in a house. 

Craved Door

Moulded Door:- Moulded Door is basically made of wood. Firstly made simple wood door and after completing the door applied mould for design. Moulded doors are available many colour design and texture. 

Fibre Door:- Fibre Door are made of genuine and good quality raw material. It is mostly suitable for bathroom doors, toilet door, etc. It is highly durable and termite free. 

Fibre Door

Sliding Door:- The Sliding door is one type of door that opens from a horizontal way. It is made of steel and glass. It is suitable for official places. This type of doors increases the standard of offices. 

Sliding Window

Wooden Door:- Wooden doors provide the traditional look of your home. It is a very beautiful door that is mostly used as an entrance gate of home, guest houses. It is manufactured from wood, hinged, and door frame.

Wooden door

Decorative Door:- Decorative door made of lots of materials like Steel, craved, moulded etc. This types of doors do not require any specific decorative piece. It is available different colour design shapes like curved shape, square shape etc. 

Decorative door

Plywood Door:- Plywood Door is made of plywood. It used for bedroom sill. The plywood door is usually used for Wardrobe door, Almera door etc. It is versatile and long-lasting. 

Plywood Door

Flush Door:- Flush door is more trending now a day. The best quality of these doors has panel lock in both sides. The flush door has hollow, solid, and stave core. 

Fire Door:- Fire Door is fireproof. It is risk-free and durable. It is fire resistance and reduces the smoke of the fire. It is suitable for large scale industries.  

Fire Door

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