The market is flooded with trendy and fashionable doors. People have a vast choice and resources to choose from. In spite of all the demand for the traditional wooden door is nowhere less. Wooden front doors are still the favorite of one and all. Homeowners find these doors most demanding because of the following reason.

Wooden Front Doors Design

Wooden front door Price

The most important factor is affordability. Yes, the cost of wooden Front Doors is comparatively lower than the steel doors. The flat panel wooden doors when painted with absorbent colors are cheap and best.
Similarly, wooden front doors with raised panels are a little bit expensive as compared to flat flat-panel Front doors but when compared to other choices available in the market these doors to turn economical.
And this is the reason why homeowners have a better selection to choose from. There are wooden frame doors fitting all budget and pocket. You can choose from painted woods (most economical) to frame wood (affordable and have elite look) Painted woods are in great demand and so you can find it in multiple colors and choices. And the best part is that the homeowner can choose the color of their choice or even go for self painting. It is an easy and interesting self do the job.
If you are looking for some elegant look but don’t want to switch from wooden doors, I would suggest you go for Stain-grade wood. These are a bit expensive but are sure to mesmerize you with the look and feel.
There are other choices for you too. One is insulation wooden doors best for bathrooms and other wet places. These doors provide better insulation. You are also left with the choice of adding weather stripping; it will boost up the insulation.

External Wooden Doors Price in India

Door NamePrice
Dormak Wood Decorative DoorsRs 6,900/ Piece
Entry Door Polished Wooden DoorRs 3,900/ Piece
Wooden Entry DoorsRs 16,000/ Piece
Automatic Wooden Entry DoorRs 200/ Square Feet

Styles: Wooden doors basically come in two major styles the roll up and the tilt-up door.

Roll up door: These are known for providing a tight fit between the doors. These are installed behind the opening of the door which ensures a tight fit. These have four horizontal sections hinged together. These sections roll on a track, which facilitates the opening of the doors.

Tilt doors are a cost-saving option and are classically 35% cheaper when compared to roll up door. There are many other features of wooden doors. Let’s move to some other important features of wooden doors

A wood Front door will be heavier than one made of fiberglass or foam

These doors can withstand more bumps and scrapes

A little care like paint and filler can extend the life and beauty of these doors

These doors provide flexibility to choose any color and thus easily set to the context of the house color.

This flexibility is not provided in fiber glass doors and you are left with the only option of changing it to the new color of your choice or the room set.

Each type of door will have options available for the exterior style/color, decorative windows, hardware, insulation, etc.

Wood front doors are the most commonly installed types doors because of lower cost, easy maintenance and wide variety of choice available

Paints are not much required but you can paint too. There is no limit of style you can choose any and many.

However wooden frame door is facing competition with Vinyl doors. These doors don’t rust easily and this is one of the reasons why it is gaining popularity. Little bit expensive but still in demand, if you are looking for one such door be prepared to give an order at least a couple of week. These are similar to wooden frame doors in looks.

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