The door frame is part of the door. The frame is necessary for all types of doors and Windows. The frame in a doorway into which a door is fitted. The door and window cannot be made without a frame. The door frame provides support to the door. The structure of the door structure is such that in a solid metal fixed leaf and panels case, with a rough opening. The hinges are joint with the frame, the tracks are fixed into a frame for a roller to slide across. And hinged and doors are fixed into doors their frames. The door frame gives shape to our house and door. With the help of a frame, we decided the door structure and, it should be made according to the structure of the door and design of the house. Not only the door, but the window has also frame. 

Single Door Frame

As we know accommodation is mandatory for everyone. In the olden days’ doors are secure old techniques but in the present-day doors have taken place whereas it’s big small and luxurious. In the house, the door is a significant component for entry or exit, privacy, and security. 

Fiber Door Frame

Here we see Different part of Door Frame

Head of the frame

The sill of the frame

Horn of the Frame

Jamb of  the Door frame

Holdfasts of the Door frame

Rebate of the Door Frame

A Threshold of the door frame 

The transom of Door Frame

Mullion of Door Frame

Head of the Frame:- It is the horizontal piece set where a door will be fitted. 

The sill of the Frame:- It is the part of the door frame that runs along the bottom and sits directly on the foundation of your floor. 

Horn of the frame:- It is a horizontal projection of the top and the bottom member of the frame to enable the fixing of the frame. 

Jamp of the Door Frame:- Door jambs are also known as a “leg” of the door. It is a vertical wall face of a door opening support. Jamp always keep the door secure. Holdfasts of the Door frame:-Holdfast is the mild street flat bares that hold the door position. These barries usually bent into Z-shaped. There are three barries recommended into a door. 

Rebate of the Door frame:- The rebate is made all around the door that is cut into edge into the edge of a door frame. The rebate is 50% thicker. 

The threshold of the door frame:-Threshold is a made of wood, a metal that runs across the bottom of the door. It provides energy-efficiency.

The transom of Door Frame:-It is a horizontal member of the frame. It is mainly used to separate door”s framing to the window frame. 

Mullion of Door Frame:- Mullion is the part of a frame that separates the frame into different parts. It is removable and depending on the application. It runs vertically. 

Door Frame Design:- As you know the door is an integral part. Door frame available various materials like an iron door frame, Wooden door frame, teak wood door frame, prehung door, etc. And more designs are also available into the market as per customer”s choice, Size, and colors.

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