The only thing permanent about life is changes. Nothing else remains with us forever. What we do is only that remains behind. Thus, it is everyone’s primary aim to live life king-size. When we talk about living, what comes to our mind at first is our surrounding. It is often a feeling of nostalgia and the idea about the bygone days and moments, which are attached to the different antique furniture. They comprise not just large furniture, but they also consist of small collectibles and memoirs which have been passed down from one generation to another.

Antique furniture speaks about the antiquity, as the name suggests:

  • Besides the warmth of a home, the walls, ceilings and flooring, what else makes a place look like home is the furniture. It gives the place a distinguished look that is owns. When talking about furniture, when someone builds a new home he or she considers furniture that is latest in fashion and design. This gives our house a very distinct and fashionable look.
  • Besides, there also are a few who consider antique furniture as an option, to give a look to the house which is forever new.
  • Antique furniture is considered timeless because of their design and finishing that can never go out of fashion. People who are lucky inherit these from their grandfathers and great grandfathers, but for the rest of us, antiques can be bought from the stores that exclusively deal with such items.

When is furniture categorized as antique?

Any furniture that has an old design or carving or structured in manner of the old furniture is not an antique. Furniture that is at least a hundred years old is an antique. Besides, it should remain in an unaltered and original condition.

  • How is it Identified

There are special studies and specially designed courses to study antique objects. Since these are objects of famous craftsmanship and are priceless, these studies are not very common.

  • What comes under antique furniture?

Ideally, furniture is anything that makes our life comfortable. It can be a bed, sofa, table, shelves, lampshades, musical instruments, chairs, writing desks, stools, juke boxes, billiard table, washstand, anything. Practically everything we use on a daily basis can be an antique object if it is more than a hundred years old.

  • Antique furniture

Antique furniture needn’t necessarily be made of wood. It also includes furniture made from bamboo, rattan, plastic, leather, metal or glass.

How to Care for Antique furniture?

Since the furniture have a very high value, these need to be taken care of with a lot of caution. Treating antiques improperly can lead to loss of an object of historical value. Mishandling antiques can cause temporary or permanent loss of an antique’s properties. Depending on the material and make of furniture, different antiques have different methods to be cared for.

Word of Caution

  • Not all of us are blessed with a fortune of antique but would like to have one or two at our homes. Thus we look for vendors who are ready to sell such items.
  • Since these people know how badly we need the piece, they often sell duplicate furniture that is a look-alike but not an antique. Thus paying exorbitant prices for furniture that is not worth it is a common mistake we all make.
  • It is important to check the validity of the product before buying from unknown vendors. We should ensure the genuineness of the vendor and the actual worth of the furniture before making a huge investment.
  • In such cases, one evident thing we can see by ourselves is whether the furniture has been altered or tampered from anywhere; because if it has been touched, it no longer remains an antique.

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