As a professional, having a special space to work at home can be a wonderful way to increase productivity and develop daily routines. Whether you primarily work from home or would simply benefit from a place to organize and decompress your busy day, creating a comfortable and versatile home office will offer great benefits. If you are interested in giving your workspace an upgrade, look into these five easy ways to make it happen.

Minimize distractions

Since home is primarily a place to relax and enjoy free time, it is important to realize the variety of distractions that can arise when working in this setting. A good start to avoiding diversions is talking to your family or roommates, assuring they understand that when you are in your office you are working and would prefer not to be disturbed. Make sure your workspace does not have a television, which should be reserved for the relaxation zones of your home. Keeping your office free of unnecessary clutter is also a beneficial way to help keep you focused and on task.

Personalize your décor

This may be the one room in the house you can make your very own so don’t hesitate to tailor the décor to your personal tastes. Take time to pick outpaint, furniture, and lighting schemes that inspire you. Incorporating personal treasures like family pictures, posters, and artwork is also a great way to take ownership of your space. Consider this the chance to create the office you have always dreamed of.

Get an office phone line

As corny as it may seem, investing in a work phone that connects to your office can be a great way to make the space feel more legitimate. This can be especially important if you primarily work from home. Instead of using your personal number for work related communication, check out to see how you can cheaply and easily connect a phone line using WIFI. This is a great option because your office’s phone number can be utilized anywhere Internet service is available.

Create a comfy space

While this space should be primarily designed to accomplish work, it is also important to create a space where you can take a break if needed. While your office will likely have a traditional desk setup, it is beneficial to include other seating options. Think about getting a couch, armchair, or even beanbags to provide alternatives to being stuck at a desk all day. This can be particularly beneficial if youuse your home office to conduct meetings with clients or colleagues.

Post an idea board

Regardless of your profession,all careers require the ability to come up with creative ideas, solve problems, and make decisions. Installing a whiteboard on a wall in your office will provide you with a great way to brainstorm and work out problems. A whiteboard can also be helpful in organizing daily tasks, appointments, and memos. One fun alternative to a whiteboard is to cover a wall with chalkboard paint, which will enable you to express your ideas wherever and however you desire.

Regardless of what type of space you work best in, it is important to devote an area of your home to completing work. Not only will it increase productivity but also help separate your professional space other areas in your home.

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