A few decades back globalisation was the buzzword. The whole world was getting closer and closer to form a small global village. Today the buzzword should be virtualization! The whole world is leaving behind their real life to get into the virtual life. A daily commute to the office is becoming old-school and home-office with flexible working hours is the new trend.

If you too are a part of this global trend of being a virtual staff working remotely then you too need to set up a home office. Whether you are a virtual office assistant, a full-time freelancer, an entrepreneur or a work-from-home loving engineer, a home office is now your basic necessity. So, here we are sharing some tips on choosing the right furniture for your home office. If you need some inspiration for creating a home office you may check the link

Choice of furniture can make or break your productivity so read on carefully and be extra careful while buying the one for you.

Office Chair – You are going to spend a major portion of your day sitting on your office chair. So, it should be your first priority to invest in an office chair that boosts your productivity. Don’t get tempted with the stylish design as a kid. You should first see the chairs with the point of view of usability.

Choose a specially designed ergonomic chair that helps you maintain a good posture while working. You need to look for a chair that provides a good lumbar support and whose height can be adjusted according to the needs. A chair that can swivel will be an added advantage as it will help you reach all parts of your desk with ease. If you choose to carpet your home office you will need to check for the wheels that can maneuver on carpets.

Once you have selected some chairs on the basis of their usability you can choose the final one based on color and look you like the best.

Work Desk – While choosing a work desk you will need to think from two different angles. Firstly you need to decide what size of the desk will go with your room size. And, secondly, you will have to think about the space you need to work comfortably.

If your work needs just you and your laptop you’ll require a shorter desk. If you need a stack of documents while working you’ll need a larger desk. If you have many work-related documents or if you love munching on snacks while working, you will need a desk with multiple drawers. If your work requires lots of typing, you will need a desk with a pull-out keyboard cabinet because you will practically need an external keyboard for the work. Just thinks what kind of work you do and select a desk that is most suitable for you and your work. This way you can protect your hands from stress injuries

After zeroing on the decision of size and type of work desk you can match the color with your chair and the office room decor. Even though only you are going to work there, the place needs to look aesthetically pleasing.

Cabinets – If the drawers of your desk are not enough to store your documents and office supply you’ll need to spend some extra bucks on a good office cabinet.

The cabinets come in different size and style. You can choose the one that complements your work desk. The two should not look bits and pieces brought from two different nooks of the world. So, it is better to buy the cabinet simultaneously with the work desk. Obviously, the cabinet is not only about its looks; you need to see its usability too. But, there’s a very low chance of things getting wrong here as almost all the cabinets come with the standard size of shelves. You will only have to look for the number of shelves you will require to adjust all of your office things.

Wait, before you take your final decision on a cabinet, think honestly what type of person are you. If you cannot keep your documents and stuff arranged then please don’t take a cabinet with glass sliders or transparent doors. Wooden opaque doors are the best bet for you. If you have a type A personality then you can choose any because you’ll always keep it arranged.

In normal circumstances, you won’t need any extra furniture other than the basic furniture discussed above. But, you’ll need a lot of accessories. While buying those keep the simple rule of thumb in your mind – first check the usability then the overall look.

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