Technology has made our lives significantly comfortable. Along with this, it has made our homes much more secure than they were in the past. This has been possible because some really smart minds have worked for this and come up with the concept of an incredible device which is known as‘smart doorbell’. This might be a completely new thing for you and you might be wondering what this really is. Let’s just say, smart doorbell has all the potential to be the next big thing. Here’s how.

The basic functioning of this bell is plain and simple but the thought behind this device is simply amazing and not just that; smart doorbell renders an excellent functionality for you and your homes. This futuristic bell connects itself with your residence’s or office’s Wi-Fi and secures a connection with your smartphone. The bell has a pre-installed camera and whenever someone shows up to your door and rings your bell, you can see the person on your phone screen. The bell rings an alert on your phone and you can communicate with the person as well. Yes, you can communicate even if you’re not at your own home. How great is that?


If it’s your courier and you’re in your office, you can probably ask the deliveryman to deliver your stuff at your neighbors. In this way, you can have your stuff delivered easily even when you’re working hard in your office. Moreover, if it’s your wife or girlfriend who has reached home whilst you’re somewhere out, you can also unlock the house door using the smart bell and your better half won’t have to wait in the open.

With such exciting features, you can be pretty sure and confident about your convenience and security of your smart home at the same time.

That’s not all. The smart bell also enables you to pre-record a message for a particular individual. You can share the photo of this particular person with your smart bell and later whenever that person steps up to your door and rings the bell, the pre-recorded message will play itself and you’ll be able to effectively deliver your personalized message without even being there. For instance, if you have given the command of opening the locked door if a particular friend rings the bell, the camera will match the person’s image with the shared photo and unlock the door automatically. This is as secured as your house can get.


So, your smartphone and your smart doorbell can make up a useful pair whenever you need it. And moreover, with smart doorbell, you can stop worrying about your home’s security and start enjoying your unlimited convenience. Along with this, it is imperative to mention that this smart bell is not at all fragile or delicate. It can withstand rains, winds and other harsh conditions. Therefore, you can be sure about the fact that no matter what kind of weather it is, smart door bell is doing its job in the best possible way.

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