Home accessories are highly demanding in the manual market and virtual market. Many products are available in the market like cladding stone, laminates sheet, Wood-plastic-composite. Wood-plastic-composite is usually applied in residential places, Resort, restaurants and luxurious places.

Wood-plastic Composite is just as we cover covers on books, similarly, we also make covers on the walls to make them beautiful. This cover is called a wood plastic cover. Wood-plastic-composite is used internal or external both purpose. It is more trending in Indian countries and Foreign countries. It can include both places home purpose and industrial construction behalf on the steel, joints, and beams in a home assignment.  

Wood-plastic-composite is made of a unique blend of wood and plastic fiber, sawdust, pulp, and peanuts hulls and unused wood materials like bark, from a verity of projects are combined to WPC power. 

WPC is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution and a natural resource or source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as water, wind, or solar power, reclaimed, recyclable, Versatile, low-density. Wood-plastic-composite is also reduced energy use since they melt at a lower temperature than typically plastic. 


Wood-plastic-composite is generally for stairs, park-bench, or most commonly used for automotive and customer products. It is a light-weighted cost-efficient and large-scale- investment. It is also used for molding, furniture, park bench, chairs, etc. Wood-plastic-composite is more environment-friendly and requires less maintenance than the alternatives solid wood. 

Merits of Wood-Plastic-Composite

  • Wood-plastic -composite is water-proof from a strong block. It can be uniformly engineered, largely avoiding the threat of warping and splitting. 
  • It can be purchased affordably and easily available in the market. 
  • It does not require regular maintenance but sunlight can be affected. 
  • Wood-plastic-composite is available a lot of colors and water-resistance, termite-free. 
  • The wood-plastic-composite provide an attractive look house, restaurant. 
  • It is highly durable, long-tasting, and resistant to moisture, scratch, and dent free. 
  • The material is resistant to ultraviolet light and its color does not fade easily. 
  • Wood-plastic-composite is highly durable and is not affected by rain, snow and peak summer conditions. 
  • Wood-plastic-composite contains 70 percent recyclable wood and the rigid good excellent physical property is better than wood dimensional stability. 
  • The density of wood-plastic-composite is less than other wood. 

Wood-plastic-composite flooring:-

WPC flooring is one type of flooring sheet made by Wood-plastic-composite is designed sorts like they waterproof luxury vinyl pine and tiles are Diy-friendly. The facility is an effortless interlocking system that can be installed more existing subfloors. It is extraordinarily durable including gorgeous, realistic and aesthetic. 

The WPC flooring is using advanced technology manufacturers that are able to make beautiful and weather-resistant. It provides a traditional look of your while due to the cleaning process is very smooth. Wood-plastic-composite is the thickness floor is generally about 5.8 to 8.8 millimeters. It is 100% waterproof, 100%, termite proof and 95% moisture-free. This product can be an available reasonable price, many sorts of colors like Red, blue, green, violet, etc and many various designs. It is a pollution-free manufacturing process. 

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