For majority of people, of all places, home is where they find the best refuge, and bedroom is the ideal retreat they look to within their homes. Reasons are obvious; bedroom is a place of utmost intimacy, where you indulge in activities as personal, peaceful and rejuvenating as sleeping and love making. That’s why you want your bedroom space to be the calmest of all refuges you might ever need. However, not everyone is able to decorate and furnish their bedroom to get the best out of it; most of the times, making small mistakes that have huge consequences collectively. If you are wondering what those could be, here we are with ‘5 Things You Are Not Doing Rightly In Your Bedroom’ to let you know of those and guide you about how to correct them.

1. Using bold, bright and patterned bedding

Your bedroom needs to offer you the most serene and peaceful ambiance, which is not possible when you are using bold, bright and patterned bedding. Though many see it as being expressive, but fact of the matter is that being expressive in bedding can hinder with a peaceful and restful sleep your body and mind deserve after a whole day of grappling with life. That is why most of the renowned interior design experts recommend resorting to white or neutral bedding. In fact, pops of colour can be added duly with a neutral base without the colours overwhelming the serenity of the sanctuary that a bedroom is meant to be.

2. Spending too much money on fancy bedframes

Sure, bed plays the most significant role in decorating the interior of a bedroom, and it needs to stand out in a bedroom, but still there is no point shelling out a thousand pounds or more on something bulky and space-consuming in the name of a sleigh bed. Instead, you can get any of those simple yet king size divan beds by HomeArena costing you around £150 to £500 at the most. Moreover, you can get headboards only to attach on your existing beds, giving them a new and contemporary look. In fact, you can skip the headboard section altogether if you want to go even cheaper than that, replacing it by something innovative and interesting like a vintage door, a folding screen or some DIY abstract painting.

3. Leaving walls in your bedroom unattended

Bedroom being a reflection of your inner self needs to look personal and unique, and there is nothing better than art to help you do so. It can be anything, from something you liked and picked from local flea market to an art piece you bought from your from artist or something unique you found at your nearest big box store. It’s all about not leaving the walls of your bedroom unattended and making something good of them; for example, an ever evolving art gallery. Moreover, you don’t need to be apprehensive about picking something wrong, because there won’t be anything wrong about choosing what you like the most. It doesn’t need to be too expensive either; you might simply frame that old cocktail napkin you still have saved from that first amazing date of yours.

4. You are leaving things messy

It’s quite logical to think that a messy room can leave your mind messed up too, instead of soothing your nerves down. With clutter all around in your bedroom, you won’t find the peace of mind needed to rejuvenate your body and soul. Have a second look at how you have furnished your bedroom; is it lacking in storage space? Think of incorporating some viable storage solutions in there, which can be anything from storage beds to DIY vertical racks around the headboard. This will also help you find conveniently whatever you need any time you want it.

5. You are not lighting up right!

If your bedroom is lit up only with the ceiling light that was there when you moved in, you are surely not lighting up your bedroom rightly. There are two things that your bedroom lighting should be, i.e. sexy and quiet. Adding a dimmer to control the illumination of your overhead lighting fixture is not only extremely convenient, but also very effective. You won’t even need the services of an electrician. Make sure the bulbs are powered somewhere between 25 to 40 watts, no more than that. Moreover, adding mirrors across windows opening outside lets in and reflects outside-view and brightness.


Hopefully, these simple but effective tips will contribute in making your bedroom serene and restful than ever to offer as much rejuvenation as you need.

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