If you have often wondered what you could do with that large area that adjoins the house, there are many ways you can affect a transformation, and the ideal solution would be to install a patio door that leads out to a pleasant seating area. Most homeowners simply knock out one window and replace it with a set of made to measure patio or French doors, and with a choice of terrace surfaces, you have the foundations for the perfect Al Fresco dining area.

Ground Preparation

If your terrace is to have a timber floor, then hardwood decking is the ideal choice, and the ground needs to be prepared accordingly. Ideally, you want at least 3 inches for the timber and with a solid base, you are ready to start the construction. You might want to see this as a two-stage job, with the first being the ground preparation.

Timber Decking

There are online timber suppliers who will machine decking planks to your exact specifications, and timber decking is preferred over stone, as it is much easier to lay, and to keep clean. With the right gaps between the planks, a sweep with a light brush is all it takes to keep the floor clean. If, for example, you are looking for hardwood decking in Southend, there is one established timber supplier who really ticks all the boxes and will machine to your specifications.

Awnings & Screening

One must have adequate shading, and with retractable, custom made awnings, you have fine control over both lighting and seclusion. Canvas screens in the form of roller blinds can be used to provide a windbreak, and if you are lucky, the house itself will provide most of the wind shelter you need.


Make sure there is adequate drainage where you intend to build the terrace, and with a few spades and shovels and a wheelbarrow, a single weekend should see the ground preparation complete. If you are going for timber decking, for example, you want at least a few inches between the ground and the floor surface, and the timber decking would be fixed to support posts that are driven down a foot or so.


As far as ambience is concerned, the lighting plays a big part, and with LED solutions, subtle, ground level lighting will add a touch of cosiness and warmth in the evenings. If your terrace is large, you might want to feed some power cable under the floor, or you could use solar powered, stand-alone outdoor LED lights, which can also be moved around for different lighting effects.

Once you have made up your mind that a terrace is the next project, the first thing to do is make a list of all the materials and equipment you will need to prepare the ground and lay the timber flooring, and with everything noted, you can then work out what this will cost, and with online suppliers, it couldn’t be any easier. In fact, you would be able to find everything from a single supplier, which really makes things easy.

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