Are you tired of passing around papers for fulfilling customer’s order in your restaurant or cafe? Do you have to deal with lost pieces of paper or soiled paper or for that matter running out of paper to print the order and pass it to the kitchen? Do you constantly need to monitor what order a customer has placed and how much time it takes for the food to arrive at the customer’s plate?

Install a kitchen display unit for small and large cafes:

If you answer to any of the above questions is yes, then the kitchen display unit is just perfect for you. A convenient and easy to use the method, this ensures that your customer’s orders are directly displayed to the cooks or kitchen preparation area, thus reducing the time lag and confusion of passing the small bits of the paper from front desk to food preparation area.

Kitchen display units come in various models, but more or less offer the same ease of efficiently running your hotel or restaurant or café.

  • Orders are displayed prominently with different markings or colors for fresh orders
  • Highlights orders which have exceeded the preparation time
  • Highlights VIP or rush orders, as desired
  • Kitchen staff can tick on an order if it has been completed
  • List of orders taken and completion times against each order during the day

They add utility to your kitchen:

These multifunctional kitchen display units enhance the performance of your kitchen, reduce your stationery expenses and also they eliminate the complete need of paper and ink for writing down the kitchen items and their price.

Kitchen display units are a combination of traditional and modern aesthetic outlook:

Kitchen display units come with data back up so you can open an order even if it has been completed. Kitchen displays and presentation equipment can transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen and are suitable for conventional table restaurants, quick-serve restaurants and joints and complex restaurants offering dine in as well as drive through and delivery services.

  • The wide and clear display screen of these devices can be customized according to the user’s requirement.
  • For instance, you can opt for list display of incoming orders or have it displayed in form of post-it notes or the small chits form. Incoming orders can be displayed in a list with the last order at the top or bottom or right or left.
  • You can swipe through lines to go the next order and simple ticking can mark the order as completed.
  • As these are available with high-quality touch screens, their ease and simplicity cannot be doubted. Font types, size, and color can be adjusted to desired levels and different colors can be used for highlighting.

You can also track the time taken for the completion of an order as the time when an order comes in is noted and when it is marked as completed is also recorded.  Order recall can also be recorded by canceling the order.

Kitchen display units make your job easier so that at the end of the day, you don’t have to sit with a box full of paper chits to reconcile your orders. Its real-time tracking system means you can display the entire day’s log at any time of the day by a simple click or swipe.

Take control of your café or restaurant by installing kitchen display devices. These are easily available and their plug and play functionality ensures that you won’t have to deal with any hardware or software issues. So what is standing in your way to a smart kitchen? Get a kitchen display unit and let go of your tensions.

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