Can you live off the grid?

Have you ever imagine living off the grid with a solar energy system? Actually, when we talk about alternative energy solutions, people always worry about how their lifestyle will be affected and they´ll have to stop using their modern appliances. But that´s not true. Just think for a moment, if you´re producing your own energy, why you should give up off your modern lifestyle?

Worldwide a number of people are using solar energy to go off the grid and the increased demand for solar energy equipment has brought a lot interest on a variety of devices and technologies used in solar energy system. So, the components for you to make your own solar energy system is much easier to find and equally cheaper.

Making an off the grid solar system is not so complex as you may think to be. All you need is the energy coming from the sun and the equipments to harness this energy. The equipments that you´ll use is a solar panel, a charge controller to prevent the batteries to become overcharged or with low energy; batteries to store the energy and use it when the sunlight is unavailable and an inverter to convert the DC (direct current) to AC (alternative current).


Now, take a look, if you are planning to use solar energy to go off the grid, here are some advantages, that I discuss in detail in my blog (here is the link):

  • The energy coming from the sun is free, so if you´re planning to build or you already have a good solar system in your house or any kind of building that you may have, you´ll not pay a cent for the electric company for a very long period or even FOREVER.
  • Little maintenance is needed for you to keep your off the grid solar system running with 100% of performance, except for the maintenance needed of your batteries (if you´re using it), so that there is no special attention to your solar plant.
  • When a blackout occurs and your neighborhood is out of energy with everybody going crazy, you´ll be at home calm and peaceful without worrying about what happens outside.
  • The feeling you have is so good when you´re making something useful and doing your part for the environment to become a place where our children and grandchildren can live.
  • I´ve not mentioned this before, but imagine for a moment if you have an electric car and how good can it be. Your car can be charged overnight when you´re sleeping and you´ll pay nothing for it. This technology has been developed a lot lately. Here is an article about how electric cars work.


Of course, nothing in the world is perfect and I think it is my duty to inform you about the disadvantages of this system:

  • You already know that solar panels don’t produce energy at nighttime, so if you don´t have batteries to store the energy needed when the sun goes down, you will depend on your local electric company again.
  • If you´re thinking about hire a company to build and install your solar panels you will pay at least US$12,000 (twelve thousand dollars). And believe me, I’ve asked a quote.
  • Handling with electric current requires caution; make sure you’re doing it the right way to avoid accidents.
  • You should be careful with the solar cells if you are making your own solar panel. They are very fragile and can break easily.

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