Solar energy homes have been seen for some time now, but many people are wondering whether they are safe enough to live in them. Through a solar energy house we have to understand that a house can fuel itself from its own solar power system that is attached in its structure. The layout as well as the plan for such a house are designed to totally benefit from the sunlight to its maximum. To come to the terms of safety, one should properly comprehend the way this solar energy system functions.

First of all the solar energy that comes from the sun is converted through an entire process of nuclear fusion that lies at the basis of nuclear physics utilized in atomic bombs and nuclear power plants. Maybe this is the reason why many people still wonder if this is safe. The answer could incline for both sides – yes and no, as no one can tell the disadvantages that sun’s energy might bring. The energy coming from sun relies mostly on the moods of the sun.

For instance, when we look straight at the sun, we feel that our eyes start aching, mostly stinging in a sharp manner. In this case how can this electricity be used? Well, it is used to run the home appliances and not to look at the process of nuclear fusion. But at the same time, we are always advised to stay away from the direct sunlight since many cases of skin cancer have been known to start in this way.

Another aspect that rises more concerns is that the solar collectors gather all the sunlight turning it into electricity. The question is: wouldn’t it be a way to become sick from this cancer related energy right inside our homes? It is true that no medical studies have been conducted in this respect, and they don’t seem to be conducted even in the close future.

It is again true that sunlight when reaching to us at very safe levels do not represent a fire threat. But we all know that concentrating the sunlight with a magnifying glass it can easily light up materials that are flammable. Thus how can one consider to be safe when living under a roof that is formed from many of such glasses that concentrate the sunlight in them? Would insurance companies design insurance policies related to this matter and take as such the full responsibilities?

More than this, let’s consider for instance countries like Ireland that see very rarely the light of the sun. In here, the solar energy homes can not be ever effective. Along with this aspect come also the air conditioning and cooking that seem to be very hard to make them depend on solar energy but rather on fossil fuel.

In states that the air is quite humid there will be the need of air conditioning to make the air dry otherwise the emergence of mold and mushrooms will represent quite a problem. Unless it is proved that there won’t be health related issues while living in a solar energy home, then no one can say for sure how safe is to own one.

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