Solar lamps have become an alternative to outdoor lighting of our homes, it is easy to install and you don’t spend a dime with the illumination generated by this device. So I decided to do this review to help you in your decision if you are thinking about buying a solar lamp.

How solar lamp works

The solar cell on top of the lamp captures the sunlight and turns it into electricity, which is stored in a rechargeable battery to be used at night. The photocell sensor activates the light automatically when the sun goes down.

Solar lamp advantages

    • The installation is easy to do; you just need to put the lamp somewhere that is not covered and don’t have any shadows. No need to connect cables or wires in your solar lamp.
    • The components of the solar lamp last long and the replacement of some of them in case of the malfunction is simple to do.
    • The variety of solar lamp types is too big; you have the freedom to choose the style that you like.

You won’t pay anything for the outdoor lighting of your home, just install the solar lamp and that’s it, your solar lamps are ready to work.

Solar lamp disadvantages

  • A solar lamp is a portable light fixture that works with a LED lamp; this LED lamp doesn’t illuminate as well as conventional bulbs, so you have to spend more money to buy more solar lamps if you want to illuminate the outside of your house in a more appropriate way.
  • Buying solar lamps isn’t a cheap investment, because you will need more than just a couple of this device.


Despite the disadvantages, buying solar lamps are one of the easier and cheaper ways to go solar and really are a worthwhile investment; but I must say that in my opinion, if you already have solar panels or you are planning to get off the grid, I recommend that you don’t buy these solar lamps, but invest in your home solar energy system.

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