If you want to refurbish your kitchen or else, if you want to construct a new kitchen, then you can opt for some of the great-looking and colorful marble benchtops for your kitchen. These benchtops not just blend well with the entire kitchen décor, but they also give a refreshed look to your kitchen. Marble benchtops are beautiful, sturdy and durable, and they can have multiple applications in both small and spacious kitchens. The overall utility and significance of marble benchtops are admired by renowned interior designers.

How do you care for marble benchtops? Know these steps before you buy one for your kitchen

It is not just fine if you buy marble benchtops. Since marble is a porous substance it can easily absorb anything, right from simple spills, to water, juices and stains. So you must be very careful about the maintenance of marble benchtops:

  • You have to choose the perfect cleaning agent for the marble benchtops: in order to make your kitchen benchtop last longer, you must try to apply the perfect cleaning agent on the marbles. Since marble is a highly vulnerable material and it is to be handles very carefully, you need not use all soaps and detergents as these may have corrosive and detrimental effect on the marble benchtops.
  • Professional polishing can help a lot to maintain the marble benchtops: in case you have a paucity of time, and you want to clean your marble benchtops all by yourself, then you can easily polish the surface of the benchtops with turpentine oil, to give a squeaky clean look to your kitchen area. After you polish the benchtops with turpentine oil, then you must wash the benchtops with clear water, as turpentine is extremely inflammable in nature, and in case you cannot afford to polish the surface all by yourself, then you can try to consult professional services who will come and clean your marble benchtops.
  • Regular cleaning with warm water is a must: you can clean your benchtops with sponge and warm water, in case you want to maintain the gloss and shine of your benchtops. Since your benchtop suffers regular pressures, it really needs to be cleaned, washed and maintained. Caustic soda, cleaning brush and wiping towels can really help to keep your marble benchtop clean and dust-free.

What are the advantages of using marble benchtops?

There are certain advantages of using marble benchtops, which you cannot ignore:

  1. Marble benchtops always create a sense of elegance and style to your existing kitchen décor. They are one of the most elegant, sophisticated and timeless choices as far as giving a new look to your kitchen is concerned.
  2. Marble is a soft material so it can be cut very easily, and it does not chip out like granite benchtops.
  3. Marble is generally heat-resistant, so when you use the marble benchtops regularly, try to maintain the tops as well, so that they last longer, and they remain durable and intact for a long time.
  4. The edge profiles of marble benchtops are easily discernible, so they are widely used by most interior decorators and kitchen specialists all across the world.
  5. It adds an overall elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.

Disadvantages of marble benchtops:

Apart from advantages, marble benchtops also have certain disadvantages; they can be summarized as follows:

  • Marble benchtops can get stained very easily and they are susceptible to spills and stains.
  • They can also develop scratches and marble is generally a very expensive material.
  • Marble is generally very difficult to repair and it requires daily maintenance so you must think twice before you actually buy marble benchtops.

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, Use the best quality marble benchtops and give a new look to your kitchen.

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