A few decades ago, flooring solutions were quite cut-and-dry with a narrow range of options to opt from. However, manufacturing concerns are incorporating refined technologies, extended durability, improved functionality and health considerations into a range of flooring options presently available for the facility professionals. Such potential advancements have changed the flooring trends of various public places like schools, universities, theatres and healthcare facilities.

Safety is one of the imperative aspects to consider while, concerning about construction of healthcare units. Standing to this point, the healthcare system is evolving at a steady rate. To promote the innovative and ever-changing environment, a number of high-quality matting solutions have been launched, which promote an improved healthcare experience.

Framework of a Healthcare Unit

A range of effective matting solutions has come to the picture in recent times that meet the specifications of diverse applications. They can be utilized in various areas of a healthcare unit including:

  • Lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Scrub areas
  • Doctors’ chambers
  • Delivery rooms
  • Areas and offices of physical therapy
  • Dentists’ offices
  • Storage and utility rooms
  • Emergency rooms
  • Exam rooms and many more.

For healthcare environment, matting is extremely challenging because every area needs an explicit approach. Performance, sustainability, comfort and budget are some of the vital aspects to eye on while deciding on developing a functional and healthy healthcare unit. Following here are some of the trends widely practiced with respect to hospital flooring.

health care flooring

Long-Term Performance

Irrespective of the material being used, healthcare units require a matting solution that come with low maintenance and extended durability. This is the reason for which, rubber flooring is a popular choice of the facility managers. The rubber matting products are mainly comprised of a mix of natural and synthetic rubber that offer extended service life, strong slip-resistance ability and require low maintenance. Additionally, these also provide greater comfort and have sound-absorption properties that promote a safe and sound living.

Homely Ambience

Utility and flexibility are two prime considerations to look when designing a hospital. However, apart from the functional aspects, efforts are also being made to provide a home-like feeling to the patients, thereby minimizing their stress. These days, hospitals are looking for such kind of flooring solutions, which require low maintenance and are available in a range of vibrant colors and appealing patterns.

Baffling Preferences

Irrespective of the launch of a varied range of innovative and promising matting solutions, there are hospital administrators who are still using the conventional options. Even after knowing about the superior performance of high-quality flooring solutions, facility managers of some healthcare units are using the Vinyl Cushion Textile (VCT) instead of using rubber as they believe that the former one offers a high- gloss look, which cannot be offered by rubber matting products. This shows the picture of an exponential trend of healthcare flooring at a slow but steady rate.

Flooring trends in respect to walkway matting are evolving at a continuous rate with the objective of ensuring greater safety, hygiene and durability that not only promotes better living for the patients and medical professionals but also proves to be a feasible solution for the administrators. Being one of the crucial sectors in the global economy, bringing this significant change in the healthcare industry is much appraisable.

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